Memory route

Memory route

After contemplating some of the historical landmarks in Otxandio, it is our wish to summarise in this booklet the suffering of Otxandio between the 18th of July 1936, (when the ruthless war was started by General Franco) until the 4th of April 1937 (when Franco’s troops entered the village and conquered it).


  • Anti-republicans: Franco’s troops, took part on the military uprising against the Republic. Also knows as the rebels, the national army, etc.
  • Pro-republicans: members of the militia (voluntary), gudariak (fighters), Eusko Gudarostea (Basque army).
  • Eusko Jaurlaritza: Basque Government.

Santamarinas 1936

On the 18th of July 1936, Saturday, as the pro-Franco troops announced the military uprising against the Republic, Otxandio was celebrating its annual festival in honour of its local patron saint, Santamarinas. On the 19th some planes threw out “some papers” in favour of the military uprising. On the 20th, the first members of the militia (pro-republicans) arrived and the state of war became apparent. The members of the militia settled in the church and in front of the town hall.
On the 21st a second set of troops, made up of members of the militia and servicemen arrived from Bilbao. Their objective was to conquer Legutio, together with another set of troops from Gipuzkoa, and this way take control over Gasteiz. However, the troops from Gipuzkoa did not arrive, and after conquering Legutio the members of the militia decided to go back to Otxandio. Legutio remained in the hands of pro-Franco troops.

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Track del recorrido

Route information

 Distance: 1,82km

Altitude reached:

 Ascent: 31 m

 Descent: 31 m

 Start and end at the same point


 Maximum: 634 m

 Minimum: 594 m


Level of difficulty: easy

Lenght: 34 minutu

Coordinate: 166

Publishing date: 1st july 2016

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